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The Benefits of a Regular Massage

Massage therapy may be considered a luxury for many of us, but it should be considered a measure of preventative medicine and support for everything from the everyday aches we live with to chronic health conditions. you do not have to be an athlete to benefit from massage; you can find relief whether your job has you sitting at a desk or car, lifting heavy equipment, or even if you’re just experiencing stress (which we all do) because it all affects our physical health.

Immune System Support

Massage therapy stimulates blood flow and the lymphatic system along with supports to healthy circulation which allows for your immune system to produce disease-fighting white blood cells. It sounds like it’s too good to be true however with routine massage, you can be less prone to the side effects of the cold and flu season.

Pain and Ache Relief

Pain and discomfort can develop in not only an extremely active individual but also from the most sedentary person. Massage helps with post-activity recovery from sore or tight muscles and joints, as well as supporting healthy fascia (aka connective tissue) throughout our bodies.

Increases Productivity

When we get overloaded in life and/or work, we eventually lose steam and motivation. When smaller problems and simple tasks become too much for us, it may be time for some massage release. Massage forces not only our bodies but also our brains to relax, which gives us chance to catch up, slow down and can allow us to manage the ‘unmanageable’.

Sleep Improvement

If you have trouble getting to sleep or staying to sleep on a regular basis, then massage may just be the cure. Many of us have trouble with sleep because of stress, anxiety, or trouble relaxing and massage is known to help with our mental and physical stressors by being a conduit for release without distraction.

Health & Chronic Condition Treatment

Stress, insomnia, digestive, and degenerative nerve diseases can be treated with regular massage therapy. The type of massage therapy and specific techniques can vary depending upon what issue you are targeting; in general, the relaxation techniques help regulate the nervous system while muscle stimulation aids in flushing toxins from the body. For chronic conditions, the regular usage of massage therapy and other doctor recommendations can help manage unwanted symptoms or side effects. There may be a combination of therapies coupled with traditional massage depending on your need. As well, with a chronic condition, you may need treatment on a very regular basis to support your unique condition.

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