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The Piercings You Want, Expertly Done

The Piercings You Want, Expertly Done

Utopia Salon offers a range of ear lobe and body piercings to suit your style. Our experts take great care in providing safe and affordable services. We’ll work with you to help you decide on the perfect ear or body piercing and teach you how to make it last. We’re here to answer any questions to help guide you through the body piercing process.

Walk-Ins are always welcome, but to avoid a potential wait, we suggest calling ahead to check availability. Hours are sometimes added when appointments are full.

Piercing Shop Hours

Monday – Off
Tuesday – 4pm – 8 pm
Wednesday – Off
Thursday – 1pm – 8pm

Friday – 1pm – 7pm
Saturday – 1pm – 6pm
Sunday – 1pm – 5pm

Ear Piercings

A classic look! We can also do multiple lobe piercings. We offer lobe piercings for ages 7 and up
Try an outer helix piercing or several, design your own look... for ages 13 and up
All other ear piercings also available: Tragus, Rook, Industrial, Daith, Conch, Forward Helix, and more

Body Piercings & Microdermals

Body piercings available include navel, nipple, and microdermals
Facial piercings available include nostril, septum, and microdermals
Oral piercings include tongue, lip, monroe, and medusa piercings
Septum and nostril piercings; design your own look
Microdermals can be implanted on the chest, cheek, hips, back dimples, etc.

Piercing Prices

  • Navel $45
  • Nipples (2) $70
  • Nose $45
  • Septum $45
  • Monroe $45
  • Snake Bikes $70
  • Snake Eyes $70
  • Lip - Standard $45
  • Lip - Non Standard $55
  • Microdermal $60 each
  • Jewelry Change $5 each
  • Stretching starts at $15 each
  • Ear Lobes (2) $50
  • Helix $35 each
  • Industrial $50
  • Conch $35
  • Daith $35
  • Rook $35 each
  • Tragus $35
  • Forward Helix $35
  • Tongue - Vertical $45
  • Frog Eyes $70
  • Female Genital $70

Titanium jewelry available for $10 more each piercing. 

Please ask if you don’t see a specific piercing listed; all possibilities are not listed. Discounts of $10 off each piercing may be given for multiple piercings on a single person during the same appointment. The piercings excluded from discounts are industrials, nipples, ear lobes (except in the case of multiple lobe piercings), and genital piercings.

Suggested Piercing Aftercare

Piercing Policies

Age Requirements

You must be 18 with a valid ID to sign release forms. If you are under 18, your parent or legal guardian must be present and will be required to sign release forms. They must provide their valid ID. Legal guardians are also required to provide copies of court documents in addition to their ID. Certain piercings also have minimum age requirements due to insurance policies. You must be at least 13 yrs old for all piercings other than ear lobes and at least 18 yrs old for snake eyes and genital piercings. We do not pierce under 7 yrs old. If a child is not ready and willing to proceed with an ear piercing, we will not complete the service.

Appointment Requirements

Piercing hours differ from salon hours. You may walk in during piercing hours; we will be sure to fit you in, but there may be a wait as appointments come first. For this reason, if you’re time is limited, we strongly recommend an appointment, or at least call ahead to check waiting times and availability. Wait time is often difficult to predict because there are many moving factors, but the receptionist can usually give you an estimate.

Satisfaction & Refund Policy

You are responsible for following aftercare and all healing advice. We guarantee your piercing was conducted using safe, sterile practices. We do not refund services. However, if you are not satisfied with your piercing or need additional help during the healing phase, we will work to correct any issue you are dealing with at no additional cost.

Gift Certificates Available

Utopia Salon now offers gift certificates that you can order online! Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or just showing someone that they’re important.