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Piercing Locations

How to Decide on a Location for a Piercing

Receiving a piercing is an exciting, exhilarating, and stimulating experience. But it can also create a sense of nervousness, second-guessing, and a tense situation, even if only for a few seconds. That is why educating yourself on choosing the right place in your body to get a piercing is crucial to making things as smooth as possible in the short and long term.

Pain Tolerance

Realizing that everybody has a different pain tolerance is an aspect that should be understood before receiving a body piercing. Someone may get a tongue piercing and say that it is not bad, but another person may get it and go through a tremendous amount of pain and bruising due to the complexity of each individual body. Understanding one’s pain tolerance will make the decision in the placement of the piercing much easier.


The everyday environment, whether at work, the weather, or a holiday location, will impact where the piercing is placed. Customer service jobs, jobs with constant physical interactions, and occupations requiring specific physical attention may or may not allow showing off piercings due to company policies.

You cannot change the weather in terms of your environment. Warmer weather may cause swelling and irritation, which can lead to infection if not treated properly. In colder weather, the skin may be drier, which may cause irritation, leading to fragility and discomfort in the surrounding affected skin area.

In general, traveling abroad requires knowing the local laws and understanding the culture. Although it is not illegal in most countries, piercings can create problems with authorities while entering and traveling through a country. If you enjoy traveling abroad or your career requires a lot of traveling to countries that are more reserved in body expression, then plan in terms of taking out piercings and giving it time to heal and not get infected while also understanding if the holes that piercings leave behind may also cause some disturbance to the people in the native country.


Knowing and paying attention to what your body needs before, during, and after getting a piercing will lead to a healthier body and will most likely help last longer, just like any other art form. Knowing personal tendencies such as scratching, biting of the lip, and rubbing can lead to infection of the impacted area while it is being healed. If scratching your nose happens often, there might be skin irritation, which can lead to infection. Fidgeting with a belly button piercing (if not cleaning it) can cause friction to the skin and create issues such as infection and discomfort.

If the plan is to keep a piercing for the long term, then it needs to be monitored and checked regularly. Daily personal hygiene, such as mouthwash, alcohol wipes, and antibacterial soap, will help clean the flesh wound and support the prevention of any bloodborne diseases, allergic reactions, or infections. Cleaning the piercing is significant and assists in creating a steady base to maintain the longevity of the piercing and the body. Still, clean sheets, pillow covers, towels, clean utensils, etc., are also in direct contact with piercings. Realizing this and taking care of household objects that may not get the attention they need can also aid in the health of the piercing.

Contact the Professionals

Please remember, if there are any questions about piercings and what it may do to your health, make sure to do your research, contact the professionals at Utopia Salon, ask them any questions you may have, and consult your doctor if needed.

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