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Gun-Free Ear Piercing for Kids

Getting your child’s ears pierced can be an exciting or traumatizing time. The uncertainty the child and/or parent may have of the pain, how long it will hurt, or if it will heal properly is a big part of the consideration. Infection is always a possibility with piercings, and children are more prone to not remembering the aftercare process. Where will you go? Will the technicians be certified, caring, and patient? Most parents may not think about what will be used – a piercing gun or needle. Opting for the needle may be the safer option.

Many people know of the piercing shops or stands in the mall with the standard piercing gun and a vast selection of jewelry to enamor your little one. But the risks associated with these guns are not widely broadcasted. There is a chance of it causing blunt trauma to the lobe, and it’s more prone to infection due to inadequate aftercare instruction. The needle is much more easily sterilized and therefore less likely to transmit any contaminants or cause infection. Therefore, a professional piercing artist may be the direction to take.

Time for the Consult

The consult with your professional piercer may be on the day of the appointment or way in advance. It really depends on you and your comfort level, as well as the practice of the salon. Your consultant should walk you and your child through the piercing process, gather consent, and make sure you understand the process of aftercare.

Be Jeweled!

In piercing salons, there is always a wide selection of jewelry available with high-quality metals that will not cause any sensitivity reactions. The colors and available styles will make the kids go wild. It might be good to show up to your appointment early to let them see everything that is available and make the best decision.

The Day Of

Oh, the excitement of this day! Hopefully, it stays that way. If you have a piercer with good bedside manners, they will bring a sense of calm and go at the pace of the client. The aftercare should be once again reiterated prior to piercing. A dot is drawn where the needle will go to verify the piercing placement. It’s 1… 2… 3… and typically, barely a pinch is felt. It might be a bit sore for the rest of the day, but nothing an over-the-counter pain reliever can’t help.

Once your child comes home from this experience, applies the instructed aftercare, and heals, you should hopefully see that a needle was the right avenue to take. It does cost a bit more to go to a professional, but the process and time taken will be well worth it to you and your newly pierced child.

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